HRSC Grass Corner #3
November 6, 2019

The HRSC Crew attended the VYSA Natural Grass Maintenance Field Day at the Publix Viriginia Soccer Training Center on September 12th. Jerad Minnick from the Natural Grass advisory group spoke on:

Grass varieties
Soil testing
Maintaining quality with heavy Fall use
Over seeding
Preparing for wet conditions and drainage

This Fall at HRSC we will be aerifying and deep tining fields more than ever. Aerifying is the process of puncturing the soil with holes so that oxygen can get to the roots of the plant more easily. Grass is actually very similar to the human body in that it needs water and oxygen to survive. When grass fields get played on, the soil compacts more and more with each step. It is our job to break up that compaction with an aerifier or deep tine machine. A deep tine machine such as our Verti-Drain (pulled behind a tractor) does the same thing as an aerifier, but goes even deeper into to the soil to break up the compaction. We will also be aerifying later into the Fall this season and earlier in the Spring to get a head start on this process.

The areas that get compacted the most are the middle of the field and the goal mouths. We will be deep tining those areas at least once a week in order to promote more growth. Less soil compaction can also lead to less rain outs on fields because water is displaced more evenly throughout the field instead us puddling up in the “problem areas”.
All in all we learned that the best thing to do for our fields is not to run straight for the fertilizer, but to instead perform this preventative maintenance step to insure durable and healthy fields.