HRSC Grass Corner #8

October 19, 2022

Our grass fields at HRSC (23 in total) are in a transition period, just like the seasons. The Bermuda grass is storing all of the nutrients it can from the soil as it prepares to go dormant. Once this happens we would usually limit play on these fields to protect the grass tissue that is left after 300-500 hours of use for the year. But in today’s youth sports landscape, games and practices do not stop in November. There are programs that run all year round and our fields are needed now more than ever. We are keeping up with this trend by overseeding 11 fields with Perennial Ryegrass each fall. This cool season grass will not only provide a quality playing surface for the months to come, but it will also protect the Bermuda grass until the Spring. The Ryegrass will continue to grow and will keep our fields looking great.

Our grounds crew will be doing much more than cutting the grass on our overseeded fields this winter. This a great time to perform maintenance to all of our equipment such as tractors, mowers, landscaping tools, and vehicles. Top dressing is another technique that is used in the “off season” when there is less play. This process fills in any low areas or holes created by games and practice. We also rent big machinery as well to move massive amounts of earth to improve drainage and create new potential playing areas.

As you can see, we stay busy with projects even in the winter months. Our goal is to make improvements each year to maintain our facility as one of the best in the area. We appreciate all of the hard work that our staff puts in to make HRSC shine.  


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