HRSC Grass Corner #7

November 20, 2021

The end of the Fall season is a bittersweet time for HRSC. With the leaves changing and falling to the ground, bare trees are left. Our bermuda grass fields also start to go dormant for the winter. While most of our 22 grass fields will get a break from the wear and tear that soccer brings, six fields will get a chance to remain playable through the winter through overseeding. Overseeding is the application of grass seed to an existing turfgrass to improve turf density so that it can withstand more use. We use a perennial ryegrass to mix in with our bermuda grass fields. Constant watering and sunlight are needed for the seed to succeed. The ryegrass will fill in gaps and bare spots left from the strenuous soccer season. Overseeding can also control weed growth through the winter months and early spring. These fields will be in great condition for early March tournaments before our bermuda grass fields start to come out of dormancy and start to grow.

The late Fall and early Winter is also a time for the HRSC grounds crew to do the little things that make our complex successful. They will dig drainage ditches, clear brush, powerwash, and seed common areas just to name a few. Our two artificial turf fields also get dragged and repaired to prepare for a busy Winter. Although every field is not used this time of year, they stay busy.

Lastly, our robot painter “Turf Tank” was a success. The semi-autonomous robot was able to paint accurate straight lines over and over again. Turf Tank really came in handy when having to lay out lacrosse and flag football fields. A process that can take up to an hour using the stringing method, took just 25-30 minutes with our pre-loaded fields. We were also able to move fields to the right or the left with just the press of a button. Moving fields helps with wear and tear when the grass stops growing. Our next venture will be two field hockey fields painted with pink turf paint in late November. This should be no problem for “Turf Tank”.


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