HRSC Grass Corner #6
Matt Baines

November 29, 2020

Some type of normal began to appear again in mid-August with Beach FC’s rescheduled Spring Classic tournament from March.  Regular leagues started in September along with a succesful Columbus Day tournament with Beach FC.  Special actions were taken and guidelines followed in order to adapt to the virus; that continue to this day.  These include hand sanitizers placed throughout the complex, tables placed safely apart and employees wearing masks and gloves.  Bathrooms and tables are also sanitized throughout the day.   

      Weather is always an unpredictable factor when it comes to our daily schedule.  The amount of rain we received this summer did not help with the restlessness and impatience felt by many trying to get back out to train.  In August, 11 inches of rain fell.  That is more than double last August’s rainfall and third highest only to the month of September 2016 (21.64 in) and when Hurricane Matthew visited in October 2016 (18.58 in).  As frustrating as it was to reschedule some games, it is important to remember the long game and save the fields to live another week.  With the amount of rain we got in the short amount of time, there is no other alternative than to reschedule.  We thank everyone for their patience in this year of unknowns.

      As mentioned in an earlier Grass Corner, as we enter fall, the bermuda grass of our fields begin to change from green to brown.  The grass hardens of  or stores carbohydrates as the temperature drop.  For this reason, the blades on our 4700 Toro mower have to be changed with the seasons.  During the fall and early spring, mulching blades are used.  Once cut, the grass clippings hit the top of the deck and then falls down as it gets chopped up by the mulching foil.  The mulched grass clippings produce nitrogen as they decompose.  These mulching blades leave less clippings behind and mulches debris such as leaves band pine needles that are prominent in the fall.  During summer, flat or low lift blades are used.  Low lift blades are better for when the grass is growing quickly and is thicker.  This is when we mow two-sometimes three times a week. 

      Have any questions or just curious about anything about the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex? Give Matt an email at and maybe your answer will end up in the next newsletter.