HRSC Grass Corner #9

April 19, 2023

The work our grounds crew and Superintendent do at HRSC changes with the seasons. While our Bermuda fields are starting to come out of dormancy, we start our regular Spring field maintenance. This consists of aerifying, top dressing, and mowing. You’ll see our superintendent top dressing the crowns and goalmouths of our fields with sand. This helps protect the crown of the plant and also improves drainage. Top dressing also helps smooth out any dips or bumps that may have developed in the offseason.

April will also mark the first time that our irrigation has been used since the late fall during over- seeding. Starting up this process each year usually comes with some sprinkler head maintenance. This year we have had less than average rainfall, so irrigation is key to start the growing season.

As the weather starts to warm up, so does our equipment. Most riding equipment hasn’t been used in a couple months, so there is some preventative maintenance to be done. Everyone, including our equipment, is knocking off rust from the Winter. Before you know it we will be mowing twice a week just trying to keep up!


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